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Alltech Young Leaders in Agricultural Journalism Awards


Mar 15, 2017


Alltech has named nine agricultural journalists as winners of the 2017 Alltech, Young Leaders in Agriculture, journalism competition.  The 12th Annual Award winners come from Austria, Sweden, the U.S., Germany, Northern Ireland, Kenya, the United Kingdom, Ghana and Australia. 

The winners will participate in the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists Congress and Workshop which will take place from March 31 to April 1 in Gauteng, Republic of South Africa.

Dr. Pearse Lyons president and Founder of Alltech stated “Each year we continue to see the best and brightest minds in agricultural journalism from around the world receive this award.” 

He added “congratulations to these nine outstanding candidates who exemplify leadership, skills and dedication need to communicate and connect the agricultural industry to a wider audience.”


Pearse Lyons

The U.S. winner, Jessie Scott is a digital content manager with Meredith Agrimedia.  He has covered equipment and trends for Successful Farming and has produced website and television shows.


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