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Confirming Incidence of ILT


Mar 15, 2017


A mid-Atlantic state with a significant broiler population uses PCR to confirm a diagnosis of ILT in growing flocks.  A positive finding sets in motion a quarantine, restricted movement of the flock to processing and mandatory heat treatment of houses before placement of a subsequent flock.

Field veterinarians affiliated to integrators have questioned the criterion of applying only PCR.  A diagnostic pathologist associated with the State’s  Diagnostic Laboratory maintains that histopathology is the gold standard for the diagnosis of ILT and that the presence of intranuclear inclusion bodies from eyelid and tracheal tissue should be correlated with the results of PCR. 


Since this topic is important to the industry, CHICK-CITE solicits responses from field veterinarians and diagnosticians concerning state and company policy relating to diagnosis of LT and subsequent action. Responses will be summarized with complete anonymity.


Copyright 2017 Simon M. Shane