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Mar 15, 2017


Allendale Inc., an agricultural commodity broker based in Chicago has estimated harvests for the 2017 corn and soybean crops based on anticipated planting and yields extrapolated from past years. 

Based on planting 90.02 million acres and a yield of 168.17 bushels per acre, Allendale predict a harvest of 13.879 billion bushels.  This projection is lower than the 2016 harvest by 1.3 billion bushels.


Allendale projects a soybean crop of 4.141 billion bushels based on 87.96 million acres planted and a yield of 47.08 bushels per acre.

On March 14th, CME corn futures for March through July delivery were up approximately 2 cents at 11H00 CDT to 357.2. March soybeans were down 5 cents to 991.2 cents per bushel in anticipation of a large soybean harvest.


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