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Mar 10, 2017


The University Of Surrey, School Of Veterinary Medicine in the UK will present a Symposium on Avian Genetics and Immunity on June 19, 2017. 

Speakers will include

  • Professor David Burt of the Roslin Institute,
  • Professor Bernd Kaspers of the Ludwig-Maximillians University, Germany,
  • Professor Clarice Arns of the Institute of Biology University of Campinas Brazil,
  • Dr. Mark Fife and Professor Venugopal Nair of the Pirbright Institute UK,
  • Dr. Kelli Watson of the National Avian Research Facility, University of Edinborough
  •  Dr. Bertrand Bed-Hom Animal Genetics and Biology Institute, France.

The Symposium will address basic, applied and commercial aspects of research on Avian Genetics and Immunology. Proposals for platform and poster presentations are encouraged in the following areas:

  • Emerging themes in avian genetics and genomics
  • Pathogens and  immunization
  • Host-Pathogen interactions including virulence and pathogenicity
  • Novel approaches in studying avian immunogenetics

For further information contact Dr. Muhammad Munir




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