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Aviagen® Sponsors Canadian Research


Aviagen announced support for a research and training program administered by the Canadian Poultry Research Council (CPRC). Aviagen has supported this initiative since 2012. The 2018 contribution will amount to U.S. $25,000 with U.S. $5,000 for a graduate scholarship in poultry genetics.

Dr. Scott Gillingham, Regional Business Consultant for Aviagen in Canada noted “Aviagen cares about people in the communities where we have a presence and supporting the CPRC Scholarship and sponsorship program is one way we can demonstrate our commitment to them.”

Dr. Bruce Roberts, Executive Director of the CPRC stated “Aviagen support throughout the years has helped us fund many research project addressing critical issues such as poultry health and welfare, antibiotic-free production, food safety and environmental sustainability.” He added “By designating part of its contribution for education, Aviagen further demonstrates its dedication to the advancement of the current and future poultry industry.”

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