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Marfrig Appoints CEO


Eduardo Miron has been named CEO of Marfrig Global Foods succeeding Martin Secco. Miron has served as CFO for Marfrig since 2010. His prior career included ten years at Groupo Safra and twenty years at Cargill.

Miron was instrumental in the sale of Keystone Foods to Tyson Foods announced in mid-August.

Marcos Molina dos Santos, Chairman of the holding company for Marfrig noted “Miron was at the forefront of the company’s most recent strategic operation, the acquisition of a controlling interest in National Beef and divestment of Keystone.” He added “These transactions have transformed Marfrig into a simpler company focused on beef and supported by a global production and distribution platform.”

The sale of Keystone for $2.2 billion in cash offset the $1 billion required for the purchase of a controlling interest in National Beef and reduced the leverage as evident from the Company balance sheet. Subscribers are referred to the accompanying article documenting a virtual put-option binding Marfrig to the purchase of the remaining 49 percent of the equity of National Beef in 2023.

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