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Perdue Farms Will Market Lower-Priced Organic Chicken


Perdue intends marketing their Simply Smart ® brand in the U.S. in October under the USDA Certified Organic seal. It is intended to market the brand at prices lower than existing USDA-certified organic broilers. According to Eric Christianson, Chief Marketing Officer for Perdue Farms “We wanted Perdue Simply Smart® Organics to be more available to consumers looking for a better option and in stores where they are already shopping.” He added “Exact prices for these new products are not available as pricing is determined by individual retailers. Perdue does anticipate these new organic products will be more affordable relative to similar products without compromising organic standards, convenience or taste.” An economist affiliated to Salisbury University quoted in Industry Notes stated “A majority of consumers prefer organic chicken, but the price differential has been a problem for a significant number of households.” He added “This move by Perdue to make organic chicken products more affordable is not only good for the consumer but also for the overall poultry industry.”

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