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Prospective Corn and Soybean Plantings


The prospective planting report released by the USDA on March 29th documented areas to be planted for the 2019 crop.  Farmers intend to plant 92.8 million acres to corn, up four percent from 2018.  The area to be planted to soybeans in 2019 is estimated at 84.6 million acres, down five percent from 2018.


The shift from corn to soybeans is in all probability due to uncertainty over purchases by China.   U.S. storage is at 2.716 billion bushels as of March 1st 2019.  This is 28.7 percent higher than in March 2018.  Approximately 50 percent of soybeans are stored on farms with the remainder in silos and export facilities.


Relative proportions of arable area to be planted to corn and soybeans may change depending on possible resolution of the trade dispute with China the largest importer of soybeans.

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