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Exports of Turkey Meat to Mexico


The USDA-FAS GAIN Report dated March 19 MX93013 quantified production and imports of turkey meat for Mexico.  For 2019, production amounted to 18,000 metric tons slightly under 10 percent of total consumption of 182,000 metric tons.  The GAIN Report noted that imports in 2018 attained 159,000 metric tons.  USDA export data documented 173,544 metric tons shipped to Mexico in 2018 representing 62 .6 percent of all U.S. turkey exports amounting to 277,087 metric tons.  The discrepancy between USDA export figures and the estimate prepared by the USDA post in Mexico City is due to the fact that their figures are derived from poultry associations and official data in Mexico. 


During 2018, whole birds represented 42 percent of imports.  Per capita consumption in 2018 attained 1.3 kg with a projection of 1.4 kg (3.0 pounds) per capita in 2019.

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