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vvND Outbreak in Second Riverside Commercial Farm


On January 9th the California Department of Food and Agriculture reported a diagnosis of vvND in a commercial egg-production farm with156,000 hens. The ranch was located in Riverside County and was subject to surveillance due to elevated risk presumably from an indirect epidemiologic connection with the previous outbreak in rearing pullets or through proximity to this farm or backyard units holding fighting cocks.


The flock was negative on routine PCR on December 27th, presumptive positive on January 4th and confirmed positive by NVSL on January 7th.


Since the flock was vaccinated presumably by live priming followed by an emulsion before transfer, consistent with industry practice, the rate of mortality and decline in production were unremarkable compared to a susceptible flock. The clinical presentation in all probability is following the pattern displayed in the 2002-2003 outbreak.


The release by Dr. Annette Jones, State Veterinarian suggested a windborne infection but an epidemiological investigation would be required to exclude deficiencies in structural and operational biosecurity including feed supply, personnel and movement of eggs and equipment.

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