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Cargill to Invest in Thailand Expansion


Marking the 50th year of operation in Thailand, Cargill Inc. has announced that it will invest $70 million over a two-year period in seafood and poultry operations.  The company intends expanding a cooked poultry facility in Nakhon Ratchasima in Northern Thailand.  A second project will include an aqua feed production plant in Petchaburi.


David MacLellan, Chairman and CEO of Cargill noted, “These planned investments demonstrate our commitment to the communities and people of Thailand.  We appreciate the Thai Government support of direct foreign investment which has allowed companies like Cargill to grow with the economy and community over the last 50 years.”


Cargill has invested more than $1.2 billion in operations to date in 14 facilities employing more than 14,000.

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