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Jennie-O Implicated in Salmonella Reading Outbreak


Traceback investigations concluded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in cooperation with the Arizona Department of Health Services have implicated Jennie-O Turkey Store, a subsidiary of Hormel Foods, as a supplier of ground turkey associated with a case of Salmonella Reading infection.  The isolate from a laboratory-confirmed case-patient, matched Salmonella Reading isolated from an intact unopened package from the home, according to a FSIS release on November 16.


Jennie-O has recalled 45 tons of ground turkey products produced on September 11th from plant P-190.


During past months, 164 cases of Salmonella Reading infection have been identified in 34 states.  Investigations implicated raw turkey and pet food containing raw turkey as the potential vehicle of infection.


In August 2011 Cargill Meat Solutions recalled 18,000 tons of ground turkey contaminated with Salmonella Heidelburg, produced over a seven-month period by a plant in Springdale AR. As  of early August 2011 76 cases with one fatality had been diagnosed in preceding months from 26 states.

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