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Dr. Hong Wei Xin Accepts Position at the University of Tennessee


Dr. Hong Wei Xin, Assistant Dean for research in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Iowa State University has been named Dean for Agricultural Research for the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture, effective May 2019.


Dr. Tim Cross, Chancellor of the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture stated, “Hong Wei comes to UTIA with an international reputation for research and academic leadership.  His work has had major impacts on U.S. and global animal agriculture and has produced significant contributions to scientific literature and engineering practices related to animal production systems.”


In commenting on the appointment Dr. Xin stated, “I am very honored and humbled to be ask to join the UTIA family as Dean of Ag. Research and I look forward to working with Chancellor Cross, UTIA administrative colleagues, faculty, staff, student and external partners to continue and grow the UTIA 50-years of excellence in serving the great state of Tennessee and beyond through providing real life solutions.”


EGG-NEWS wishes Dr. Xin every success in his new position.  Given his record in the past, Tennessee has gained a valuable leader.  It is hoped that in his new position Dr. Xin will still assist the U.S. and international egg industries with his vision and technical knowledge.

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